what people are saying

"I’m a competitive swimmer and I saw Brooke after years of struggling with eating habits and not knowing how to properly fuel my body. Even after the first session I had a better understanding of nutrition and was excited to try her suggestions- and it only got better from there. I now feel more confident in my understanding of nutrition. I also can tell a difference in my performance in the pool and energy throughout the day.  The skills she taught me will help me for the rest of my life."

- Mackenzie Leblanc, Competitive Swimmer 

"Brooke helped me cross the finish line of the Chicago Marathon, my first Full, without ever hitting a wall. She helped me adjust my overall nutrition and practice hydration, electrolyte balance and fueling in training so that the right combination clicked for race day. I couldn’t have asked for more."

- Jodi, Marathon Runner

"Just finished the Dirty Kanza and your fuel plan was perfect! It was a challenging day with 25 mph winds so my pace was quite slower (9 hours) but the plan worked so well! Thank you. I had no drops in energy. Tired, yes, but no funny blood sugar issues."  

- Jenny Hadfield, Coach & Endurance Athlete 

"Hiring Brooke was the best use of my money for my Boston marathon training and racing. I’ve dealt with GI distress and feeling just so crummy after racing that I knew something had to get better for me to continue. She taught me so much on how to improve my fueling and we figured out what works for me for racing. I ran Boston this year and felt amazing! I also didn’t realize the effect of fueling differently would have on my recovery. I’ve never felt so good post marathon! I returned to running so much quicker and feeling more energized. Brooke is very knowledgeable and cares about you individually. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a better fueling plan! What I learned I’ll take with me now on my many races in the future!"

Beth, Marathon Runner

"My 14- year son is a competitive tennis player who began to suffer from debilitating cramping incidents about a year ago.  Despite various recommendations and attempts at keeping him hydrated, the cramping incidents continued to occur without a regular pattern that we were able to see.   His incidents were so painful that he eventually became fearful of cramping onset and was no longer able to enjoy competition.   We built up a collection of various products and supplements but couldn't quite figure out how much to take and when to take it.  We found Brooke online and came to her in search of help.  She performed a test on him to determine the contents of his sweat and the rate at which he sweats.  This allowed her to determine appropriate amounts of replenishment for his body so that he can feel good during a tournament.  She was able to provide us a recommendation for exactly what he needed to take and when he needed to take it.   This past weekend we followed her prescription and he played 12 sets and 3 tie breaks in the heat without a single complaint about cramping!  Its now a banned word in the family and we are thrilled that my son is able to enjoy and compete in the sport that he loves so much".

Ethan, Competitive Youth Tennis 

"My current fuel plan for the Olympic distance triathlons just wasn't working consistently.  My calves were cramping in big races late in the bike segment and then the run.  I contacted Brooke and we did an office sweat test followed by a race simulated sweat test.  We took that data and calculated a proper fuel plan.  It was a complete overhaul from what I was doing – greatly simplified and easy to execute.  It worked great!  Next big race got on the podium and earned an entry into the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon the following year.  If you are having any fueling issues for your races, go see Brooke! Glad I did."  

David, 3-Time All American Triathlete

"I can't thank you enough for the guidance you have provided so far....It was a great day!!  The sweat test was an unbelievable help in starting to dial in my needs.  I followed the plan almost to the minute as far as eating, and was SO happy to cross the line feeling the way I did.  Overall time doesn't even begin to display how big a victory that day really was."

Russ, Triathlete

"My nutrition during the race was spot on.  Many thanks for all of your help.  Your plan worked perfectly and I look forward to working with you in the future as I continue racing."

Gail, Triathlete

"It was so nice not to have to make huge changes and your suggestions made it easy to make small adjustments that worked with the training and my busy life. Best of all, I really like this way of eating! I'm thrilled not just with the race, but with my overall weight and energy."  

- Paula, Ultra Runner

"Brooke was always a positive reassuring voice; she helped me with more than just my fueling. Her influence helped me to maintain the confidence I needed for the mind game you have to play in preparing for and running an ultra event. She responded to every email in a timely way, and was always professional. I highly recommend her services."  

- Denise, Ultra Runner

She has literally changed our lives. My husband and I have both lost a significant amount of weight.  We have completely changed our nutritional lifestyle as a result of the education she has provided us. I give Brooke my highest recommendation without reservation. This initial investment in your health, will definitely pay dividends in the future."  - Kerstin & Matt, Triathletes

Hiring Brooke for my first 50 mile race was the best money I have invested in myself! She analyzed my current food intake and showed me how to train my body to burn fat for fuel.  I couldn't believe how much it helped me during my training and during my 50-mile running race. I felt great all day!"

- Coach Lisa Pozzoni, Ultra Runner (www.therunninguniversity.com)

"I highly recommend the Sweat Testing for anyone who is interested in improving their performance and avoiding dehydration-induced bonking and cramps!  In the past, cramping has ended races for me; it was debilitating.   Since testing with Brooke, I have gone on multiple “extreme” cycling adventures and have not experienced one cramp – or even had the “early warning signs” of cramping (you know – twingy muscles) since I started hydrating according to the new recommendations."  

- Steve, Triathlete & Coach

"If you're looking for someone who's going to give you the best fueling advice, in Arizona or outside of Arizona, Brooke is the one to go to!"  

- Justine, Runner

" I used to experience terrible GI issues while racing.  After working with Brooke, I learned the less-is-more approach.  For Oceanside, I took in half the calories I would have for a 70.3 race and I never bonked. I also had zero issues during any part of the race with my stomach which was so exciting for me. I used what I learned from Brooke to fuel for the Boston marathon in April 2015."  

- Lauren, Elite Triathlete

"Brooke is amazing! She helped me get through my first 70.3 and now I'm working with her again for Ironman! Finally feeling excited again about nutrition and feeling fueled during Ironman training and the race!"

 - Elissa, Triathlete & Ultra Runner