1 hour

Choose from 3, 4, or 6-session packages, each complete with all of the education and training necessary to get you through your "A" race with flying colors.  These 1-on-1 sessions will cover daily nutrition, traing nutrition, and race day nutrition.  You'll learn to fuel in a way that boosts energy levels, improves body composition, elevates performance, and enhances your general health.

No races on the horizon?  No worries! We will focus on daily nutrition, including how to fuel for workouts/activity.



1 hour

Stop guessing how much sodium you need for training and racing... know for sure!  This non-invasive, non-exercise test measures your genetic sweat sodium concentration.  Electrodes are placed on the skin to initiate sweating to occur, then the sweat is collected and analyzed using the precision hydration equipment.

The testing includes the development of a customized hydration and electrolyte replacement plan. This will be a game changer for you, and for your performance!

Group Coaching & Clinics


Do you have a group of athletes who would benefit from fueling direction for their upcoming races?  This service is perfect for you!  Nutrition education plus an in-depth Q & A session equates to a win-win for everyone!


If you'd like more information or guidance on which package is best for you,

take advantage of my free initial consultation and we will discuss your options.  

All Packages Include: 

                                                                   Metabolic Efficiency Fueling Strategies

                                                                   Caloric/Macronutrient Recommendations

                                                                   Training Fuel/Hydration Guidance

                                                                   Development of Race Day Fuel Plan(s)​

Not local to Arizona?  I work remotely with clients around the world!