Remember You are Human

May 12, 2016

Eating well is hard.  Like really hard.  I've said it before and I'll say it again. There are many more unhealthy choices out there than there are healthy ones.  Junk foods are a dime a dozen.  The healthy foods are usually pricier, harder to find, and require preparation.  Lucky for you, you are a triathlete and like a good challenge.  No easy way out here!  


You come home from a long day of work and training, exhausted and famished.  Dinner must happen.  Do you: 


1) Pop a pizza in the oven 

2) Grill some salmon/veggies


#1 is mindless and requires turning on the oven. #2 requires more work.  A marinade for the fish maybe. Washing the veggies. Chopping the veggies. Tossing in EVOO, salt and pepper.  Is there a difference between how 1 & 2 make you feel?  


Because eating well makes you FEEL good.  Makes you PERFORM well.  Nourishes the BODY and MIND.  It's worth the extra work, because we only have one body. 


What happens when you eat really well most of the time, but fall off the wagon occasionally? It happens to all of us, because we are human.  Because sometimes that frozen pizza is too easy to pass up.  And that's ok!  Embrace this part of you, the imperfect part.  And realize that you will get back on track, and that minor setbacks only make us stronger.  


And if you fall off the wagon and you can't even spot it in the distance, give me a ring and we will work through it together.  

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