Norseman: The Journey #2

January 5, 2018

 139 lbs:  +9-14 lbs

4.5 months postpartum


Training is going pretty darn well!  I’ve settled into a routine and daily training isn’t quite as shocking as it was at the beginning.  Milk supply is sticking around, though I’ve been in close contact with Cheryl when I feel it dipping.  She immediately pulls back on my workout intensity, and is flexible with me moving training sessions around as need be.  She gets it.  Another challenge I’m encountering is my weight. It’s sloooowly coming off, but I’m still well above my usual race weight.  Which is ok because I’m not racing yet!!  Trying to practice patience here and just ride it out at the weight I’m at, while still wearing some maternity pants.  


Most workouts are right at 60-75 minutes, with the exception of my long ride - 2.5 hours.  I rode 42 miles yesterday, which is my longest ride in over 3 years.  Whoop! I’ve been trying out different nutrition products and having fun there as I report back to my clients.  


Making progress, gaining fitness.  I am happy!   

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