Norseman: The Journey #3

April 27, 2018

128 lbs: +3 lbs

8 months postpartum


Training is really ramping up now.  I’ve been to Mount Lemmon twice, once with Cheryl’s group and once on my own.  John drove me there and back yesterday and was the best damn Sherpa a girl could ask for.  Feeling so appreciative of him – he’s truly my Ambassador of Quan.   This ride is over 65 miles (7,452 feet gained) from bottom to the very top (I rode past Ski Village, where Cheryl wanted me to go, and went to Summit Trail where the road literally ends).  It’s a suffer fest, I cried a couple times LOL, with some whining to myself.  


I’ve done 2 races – Tri 4 the Cure and Barlett Triathlon.  I felt really good at Tri 4 the Cure (and PR’d by 5 minutes), but it wasn’t enough for an AG podium.   Bartlett I came in 5th overall in the Oly among 16 women.  Yeah!  What a challenging, brutal race.  I’m working on increasing my pain tolerance again.  Most of my workouts in the past 5 months have been base building, but now Cheryl is including lots of higher intensity training.  I need to feel pain and know that I will be ok – pain is temporary, I tell myself this constantly.   


2.5 more months of heavy training, and the AZ heat is starting to come on full force (up to 100 degrees almost).   I’m now done breastfeeding and Greta is doing fine.  8.5 months in total, with enough frozen milk to get her to mid-July (with some Hipp Formula).  Overall, I’m finding a good balance with training/family/work, though I will need to scale back on client work in June and July to maintain this balance.   I am tired most days; trying to IM train with 2 small kids is no joke.  Greta is teething and waking during the night.  I am feeling run down but trying to keep my immune system healthy with Vitamin C.  



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