Norseman: The Journey #4

May 5, 2018

128 lbs: Race Weight

9 months postpartum


I’ve now done 3 races, Cactus Man Olympic being the most recent.  I felt AMAZING during this race (even with a Mount Lemmon ride 3 days prior).  I really thought I finished one of the top 3 in my AG.  I was so disappointed to learn that I was 6th!  I have a very competitive AG and just couldn’t hang with those speedy ladies. “You can’t control who shows up to race”, Cheryl said and of course is right.  I felt great throughout the race though, especially on the run.  So I’m calling it a WIN.  


I have some concerns about my cycling speed for the bike portion of the race.  I’m just not the strongest cyclist.  My strategy will be to ride strong and steady, saving lots of leg power for the run.  If I can run a consistent paced-marathon, I will be in good shape.   I realllly want the black shirt.  I’m scared to admit how much to anyone, even to myself.  I need to race for the black shirt, and stay confident.  I can do this!!  


The rides are starting to get really long now - 87 miles next week.  Most days I do enjoy the training, although I’m starting to get a bit burnt out and would like to resume to a normal Mom life.  Soon enough.  John continues to be amazing, working his schedule around mine to ensure I get everything done that I need to.  


It’s funny, when you register for an Ironman race; all you tend to remember are the glamorous high points of training and the race.  Ironman training is far from glamorous though.  It’s a grind – day in and day out.  Many hours alone, suffering through workouts that must get done, despite the challenges.  It’s waking up at 4am (when you’ve just gotten in bed at 11pm), and cranking out 90 miles on the bike by yourself because you’re riding on a Thursday


when everyone else is working.  It’s lacing up your running shoes on vacation for 14 miles in 2 days because your training schedule doesn’t take a vacation.  It’s coming back from a 6 hour workout, shoving some food in your mouth and getting ready to take over kid duty because they’ve already taken their naps and one for you isn’t in the cards ;).  I know it’ll be worth it at the finish line, but my goodness it’s a ton of work.  


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