Norseman: The Journey #5

July 7, 2018

126 lbs: Race Weight

10.5 months postpartum


Wow, the time is drawing near.  I can’t believe it.  I have one more build week and then taper starts.  We leave this month and I race NEXT MONTH!  Cheryl has been trying to kill me I’m pretty sure the last few months. Here’s what I will have done in prep by the time taper begins:  


4 Races – 

  • Tri 4 the Cure Sprint Triathlon

  • Bartlett Olympic Triathlon

  • Cactus Man Olympic Triathlon

  • Deuces Wild Half Ironman


It hasn’t been the best race season for me, honestly.  I’m rarely rested and feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends, between family/work/training.  But I’ve gotten 95% of the training done, and am proud of that.  I’ve had some little ailments, but overall my body has been trucking along just fine.  


Some of the other hard workouts I’ve put in along the way include:  


Mount Lemmon – twice in April (once to Ski Valley, once to the very top where the road ends)

Lake Mary Road – twice in June/July (both 100-milers – one followed by a 10-mile run, one followed by a 5-mile run)

A total of 5 100-mile bikes, as well as 2 90-milers

2 18-mile runs and 2 15-mile runs

Multiple 4000-meter or yard swims


I’m ready to do this thing. I’m SO EXCITED.  

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