Norseman: The Journey #7

August 4, 2018

It’s almost race day and I’m officially too nervous/excited to sleep! I’ve been up since 2am, and have a million thoughts running through my head. This morning is the fjord practice swim, followed by the athlete meeting this afternoon. This is one athlete meeting you don’t want to miss. The amount of logistical planning that goes into this race is pretty crazy. I spent a couple hours yesterday getting my bags/bins organized. I have 4 gear bags - morning bag with thermal swim stuff (wetsuit, cap, booties) plus Norseman swim cap, goggles, ear plugs; bike gear for T1; run gear for T2; backpack for the top of the mountain finish (warm run clothes - it has snowed before at the top, gloves, food, 2L pack, headlamp), if I arrive there before 159 other athletes.  


We brought 6 collapsible square bins that will hold all of my extra gear and be stored in the trunk area of the rental station wagon. The breakdown looks like this:


1: Extra bike gear for cold/wet weather

2: Bike nutrition/bottles

3: Bike tools, tubes, CO2

4: Extra run gear for hot or cold/wet weather

5: Run nutrition

6: General transition area items - towel for privacy while changing, transition mat, hand/foot warmers, Mylar blanket, emergency kit, etc.


I’ve never done a self-supported race before, so this is quite a learning curve but luckily I have a super organized husband as my support guy! He’s been unbelievable throughout this whole process.


My fuel plan for the race is simple, as in typical Fuel to the Finish fashion. I’m using the following products: UCAN Vanilla with Protein, Precision Hydration 1000 Packets, Precision Hydration Sweat Salts, Muir Energy Hazelnut Banana, oiled/salted potatoes, avocado, and Huma Gel. I plan on consuming 20 oz water per hour, and 750 mg sodium. This number may fluctuate depending on the temps.


I’m ready to get this show on the road! The build up to an Ironman event is just torturous for me 😳 Tomorrow, baby!! In the meantime, I need a nap.

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